US Sikh Leader interacts with Sikh youth at Gurmat Gian Institution in Ludhiana

  Ludhiana - Dr. Rajwant Singh, Chairman of the Sikh Council on Religion and Education (SCORE), was honored by Gurmat Gian Missionary College in Ludhiana recently. He came to Punjab after participating in the 400th anniversary of the Martyrdom of Guru Arjan Dev ji in Lahore, Pakistan, where he had landed from USA. Gurmat Gian Trust was founded by Jagjit Singh Sidki who was a scholar of Gurbani. He lived in America and envisioned an institution which would train Sikh preachers who are fit for modern times and who can communicate with Sikh youth in their idiom.

He visited the Missionary College and had an interactive session with the 50 students who are aspiring to be the Preachers of the Sikh religion who are currently enrolled. Dr Singh also met with over 75 Sikh kids of ages 10 - 19 who were being trained on Gurmat by a special project of the college called - GRACE (Gurmat Renaissance Academy For Counseling and Excellence) Naunihal Group. The kids enthusiastically displayed their spirit through skits and lectures.


  Dr. Rajwant SIngh (center) with the Youth Team which organized the counseling camp at the Gurmat Gian Trust in Ludhiana

  Dr. Singh said, "This is truly a thrilling experience to witness such spirit among our youth in in this college in Punjab. This is quite a contrast to other side of the picture of Punjab where a large number of Sikh youth have cut their hair and are under the influence of drugs and alcohol. These positive initiatives need to be supported by Overseas Sikhs."

Dr. Singh particularly appreciated that Gurmat Gian trust has focused on teaching English language and computer education to the preachers. In addition, it has brought many students from the Vanjara Sikhs from Central India who belong to Siklikar community to the college to propagate Sikh values within that community. “It is important that we bring that community in the mainstream of Sikhism and give them the respect that they deserve. Gurmat Gian is to be commended for this noble effort.” Added Dr. Singh.


  Dr. Rajwant Singh having discussions with the officials of the Gurmat College to improve the function

  The College also has regional centers throughout Punjab where Sikh preachers concentrate on clusters of villages to interact with the local population. The newly trained Parcharaks are sent to have hands on experience to deal with the social issues facing the rural areas and to preach the Sikh values among the Sikh youth.


  Dr. Rajwant Singh held a session with the College officials to improve the functioning and effectiveness of the college education to impart Sikh values among Sikh youth in Punjab

  Dr. Rajwant Singh conducted a major workshop for youth and adults at the Missionary College. He also had meeting with the officials and the members of the Guru Gobind Singh Study Circle in Ludhiana. SCORE is based in Washington and represents Sikhs at the White House and American Political leaders.


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